clamp meter
clamp meter
digital clamp Multimeter
digital clamp meter
digital clamp meter
digital clamp meter
digital clamp meter
digital clamp meter
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BTMETER BT-7200-APP Digital Clamp Multimeter AC DC AMP Volt NCV Tester

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✅Built-in wireless connectivity can auto connect to your Android / Apple phones or tablet...

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BTMETER BT-7200-APP Digital Clamp Multimeter AC DC AMP Volt NCV Tester


✅Built-in wireless connectivity can auto connect to your Android / Apple phones or tablet with ease, allows you viewing logging the data out of the arc flash zone 15m (50 ft) away, and save the measurement for detailed analysis, sharing later.

✅This clamp multitester can accurately measure AC/DC Amperage, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Frequency or Duty Cycle, Capacitance and also provides Noncontact AC Voltage(NCV) detection, Diode, Continuity Buzzer and Temperature(℃/℉) tests. Easy to use in non-contact ampere measures, troubleshoot electrical problems in , motors, household appliances, HVAC.

✅This clamp-on meter can displays AC DC amps, volts, ohms, Cap, Hz Temp in Max/Min/Avg on the same interface with real-time reading. The curve graph w/ timing will show you the changes of amp volt flow more visually. Also supports adjustable data logging rates for continuous testing/ recording unless the battery is dead or the memory is full.

✅0.1 amp resolution for 0.1 ~ 60A AC DC current, 1A for 60 ~ 400A to support accurate amp reading, this clamp amp probe meter is more user-friendly for daily current measurement, such as troubleshooting car, boats battery.

✅To measure amp with this clamp meter, you MUST separate the hot and neutral conductors, and clamp around only LIVE wire for measurement otherwise they will cancel each other out and give a zero amp reading. The most convenient way without peeling the cord is clamp on an AC Line Splitter.

HP-7200-APP How to Connect to Phone:
1. Scan the QR code or Search “AILINK” on Google Play/ APP Store.
2. Turn OFF ALL irrelevant bluetooth signal. → Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
3. Open the APP → Turn on BT-7200APP Wireless Multimeter → Wait for it shows up on your APP→ Select to Connect.
4. Press “Start" button → Enjoy your measurement.
5. Share the electric datas with your co-worker via FB.

Package Included:

  • BTMETER BT-7200-APP Clamp Ampere Meter x 1
  • English Manual x 1
  • Test Leads (Pair) x 1
  • Small Screwdriver x 1
  • Temp Probe x 1



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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Leonard Salecki
Works great

Nice unit

Jamie W.
Perfect for my needs

I recently learned how to repair and make my own lithium battery packs. I love this meter, comes in a handy zipper bag with a pouch to store the probes, did play is easy to read, with a backlight button, for working in dim lit areas. This unit is perfectly sized for my work and sure beats the old cheaply I had. Recommend this meter, fair price for a quality multimeter.

Daryl McCall
Very good budget meter

This is an excellent meter for the cost. Been using it for 90 days now and it works great.

Howie Doone
DC clamp meter

I needed this for the DC clamp meter, about the best price on one Ive seen. Sometimes the hold function acts weird and the backlight is hard to turn on. Some wonky features but it works great none the less!

Luke S
Good entry level clamp meter

This is my first digital clamp meter which I wanted to try for general electrical diagnostics and AC work in addition to my multimeter. For measuring current easily without the need to break into a circuit with multimeter probes, a Clamp Meter is the way to go. It should be noted that to take current readings from a power source or line, you have to isolate one wire to get a reading. Clamping over two or more lines will typically cancel out your reading. You can rig up a method to do this but Line Splitters are designed specifically for this purpose. As clamp meters go, this is on the lower end price range for all it's features and being rated as true RMS but as such I expected there to be some function and accuracy limitations. If you are new to clamp meters as I am then this is a good start and is a great addition to your toolbox. If you're willing to pay more, there are many choices out there with more functionality and probably better accuracy but I did do some basic tests to see how accurate this clamp meter was when it came to current measurement. Overall, it's not bad but depending on your power source and the device you're testing, you may get fluctuations with the readings. I ran some tests using my variable DC power supply. With the assumption that this is accurate, I did find this Infurider meter a little off on both voltage and current measurements. Roughly 50mV high on Voltage readings and variable around 60mA on the current readings using the clamp. Compared to my DMM readings for current which was very stable and accurate to the supply, this was close but gave fluctuating readings.

This meter has a lot of other functions including NCV (Non-contact voltage) detection, capacitance testing, a temperature probe as well as automatic range adjustment for your current and voltage readings. The NCV was a little less sensitive than my DMM but would still generally detect voltage as you move it near and around a live power source. It has a whole host of other functions similar to your average multimeter along with a light up display and LED worklight. This will also light up for NCV and continuity testing along with an audible beep if selected. The package includes an operation manual, batteries, leads, a small screwdriver for the battery lid and a handy case for storage and protection. Overall, this is a good meter to start out with especially if you're new to electrical diagnostics.


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